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Our Staff

Tony Bonaduce, Founder and President… has 35 years’ experience in the construction industry… or many more, if you take into consideration this anecdote Tony relates from his childhood:

“”Twas the night before Christmas, when I was about five years old andalthough I find it difficult to believe that my brother and I were being little brats as my parents claim—they decided to put coal in our stockings as punishment. Coal was not available at 10:30 on Christmas Eve, though, so as a substitute, my father went out to the garage and cut up blocks of wood to fill our stockings. When we woke in the morning, my brother was extremely disappointed, but I went and got a hammer and nails…I was very content building with the new blocks, and when the presents were later “discovered” in another room, rather than open them, I elected to continue building.”  And so it continues today…

Matt Loring, Vice President of New Construction, who holds a BS in Business from the University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, CO), as well as an MA in Public Administration from Oklahoma City University (Oklahoma City, OK), has been an E.B.S. team member since 1988, for the bulk of his quarter-century construction career. The long hours can take a toll, though, as evidenced by the episode of Matt’s falling sound asleep in his truck while waiting for the drawbridge to open on his way home, after spending the previous 26 hours awake and on the job to turn over on time. We are confident the client appreciated the effort as much as we did.

Tom Ferentinos, Project Supervisor, has refined his creative eye over a 30-year career in building, from replacing flat roofs at Fort Monmouth to constructing high-end retail stores. With a BA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts (NYC), he applies a comprehensive knowledge of substance, form and color to visualize the finished product, whether it’s a painting or a custom retail concept for one of our clients. Tommy’s combination of art and construction experience come together in the craftsmanship and fine detail in each of his projects, and, as a bonus, he keeps everyone laughing.

Roger Fleischmann, Project Supervisor, has been in the construction business since 1975, first building homes with his father and uncle, then moving into tenant build-outs for a commercial developer in 1979. Since then, he has rounded out his skillset in every capacity of construction, from estimating to project management and general contracting. The decades of “hard knock” schooling have provided Roger the experience that makes him such an asset to the E.B.S. team.

Phil McConnell, Project Supervisor, attended Monmouth County Vocational School (Keyport, NJ) and Ryder College (Lawrenceville, NJ) for Architectural and Mechanical Drafting, before plunging into drawing and building for over 28 years. E.B.S. was pleased to draft Phil for our team, though we suspect he works as a respite from the kids and grandkids at home.

Bill Iler, General Counsel, joins us with a range of commercial legal experience under his belt. A graduate of Rutgers College and New York Law School, he paid his early dues as a law clerk. Since then, he has proven his mediation and litigation expertise in the areas of construction defect and environmental litigation, among others. He has also managed and audited law firms in the insurance industry, specializing in construction-, architectural- and engineering-related actions. Finally, Bill’s personal interest in building, salvage and renovation brings a welcome understanding of the challenges and foibles of our work here at E.B.S., a perspective delivered with a dash of good humor. Note to all: Appointments are necessary to see either Tony or Bill, scheduled around their lively political debates. Please call ahead!

Chris Darby, Project Support, is now a full-time college student. His goal for the summers is to learn how to read plans from the experts here at E.B.S. We look forward to the extra help in the office , and hope that he will return to work full time after college, and yes he sure keeps us on our toes..

Stephanie Darby, Office Manager, keeps the paperwork ship from running aground. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA) with a B.A. in Professional Writing, and utilizes every bit of that background to keep our office functioning. (Note to Team Members: How about getting those expense reports in?!)

1060 Highway 36
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
Phone: (732) 204-2085
FAX: (732) 204-2570