EBS Builders

Executive Staff


Anthony Bonaduce

President and Founder, Tony has almost 40 years' experience in the construction industry doing just about any job that comes across his desk. It was this "no job too small" attitude which initially got Tony in the door at Friendly’s, a relationship which has blossomed into a career and growing company. Since then, Tony has been expanding E.B.S.'s horizons by constantly providing the best service to his clients, treating them like family. Spearheading the company at the start of the 21st century, the future continues to look bright for E.B.S. under Tony's stewardship.

Matt Loring

Vice President of New Construction, Matt has been an EBS team member since 1988. Holding a BS in Business from University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, CO) and an M.P.A. from Oklahoma City University, Matt has proven to be both tremendously capable in the field as well as extremely intuitive and observant within the labyrinthine world of estimation and project management. The long hours on the road may be in the rearview mirror behind this newly-minted family man, but his dedication and persevering work ethic continue on in his role as Vice President. 

Stephanie Darby

Office Manager, is responsible for the coordination of all the various parts of the company, ensuring that the paperwork and field world synchronize for the benefit of our clients and our projects. Stephanie graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BA in Professional Writing (Pittsburgh, PA) and she uses every bit of her talent to ensure that inside and out of the office, our message is loud and clear.

Project Management

Vahid Walker

Senior Project Manager, Vahid has spent more than half of his 30-something life in construction, beginning with his father in high school. From there, Vahid has advanced his career within and outside the classroom, earning a Business degree from Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA) and moving from labor to project supervising finally to the role of project manager. For the past few years, Vahid has been working in his current role, synthesizing his experience in the field with his time as a supervisor to give the best management to each job all the while keeping morale up within his team. No matter how difficult the work, Vahid is able to keep light and still accomplish his goals working for E.B.S. 

Shannon Hill

Project Coordinator, has been in the construction trade for over a decade now and shows no signs of slowing. Shannon now works at E.B.S. as a logistical virtuoso, coordinating our endeavors from the initial stages of a project to its denouement. She is a backbone for both the Project Managers and Supervisors, providing ongoing support and coordination. Shannon's skill set has been an undeniable, tremendous boon for E.B.S.' ability to promptly and professionally complete our jobs.

Christopher Darby

Project Manager, having earned his M.A. in History from Seton Hall University (South Orange, NJ), has returned to E.B.S. after that educational interlude. Still running the Estimating Department, Chris has moved into project management to diversify his professional career and continue pursuing new horizons. Insatiably curious, he takes this spirit of questioning wherever he goes to refine anything he runs into. At the end of the day, our clients--and especially the architects--know when Chris has put his hands on a project by the quality of work turned over.

Project Supervision

Anthony Gutierrez

Bio Coming Soon

Tom Ferentinos

Tommy has defined his over 30-year career in construction with a creative eye and a penchant for turning over projects for which blueprints hardly do justice. From keeping the roofs at Fort Monmouth in top shape over our soldiers' heads to crafting the high-end retail stores which have become a mainstay of E.B.S., Tom uses his B.A. in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts (NYC) to make each project a work of art.

Jeffrey Cooke

Another artist in overalls, Jeff decided long ago when earning his BA in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute (NYC) that a desk job would not be for him. Primarily self-taught in construction, Jeff’s keen eyes and strong workmanship have helped him rapidly progress from laborer to project supervisor. Jeff has been providing critical support for many years from this current role, making him even better as one of the job leaders here at E.B.S.


Phil Mcconnell

Phil attended Monmouth County Vocational School (Keyport, NJ) and Ryder College (Lawrenceville, NJ) for Architectural and Mechanical Drafting, before plunging into drawing and building for over 28 years. Since his beginning, Phil has diligently worked on a wide array of projects and his addition to the E.B.S. team has been a welcome one.


Christopher bonaduce

The newest supervisor on the EBS team, Chris has been fast taking to his new role. His previous training as an electrician has kept him in the field for many years, but now he leads the contractors instead of being one. We look forward to his continuing professional development as he grows within this role.